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Lorne is a brokerage owner in Toronto with 25 years financial experience. Lorne is focused on team building and helping real estate agents build their business. Lorne’s brokerage, Expert Financial, has 25 agents.

    Lorne Helps Realtors Build Their Business

    Lorne’s Quote

    • If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary.

    Good Stuff

    • Agent Marketing System helps realtors build their business by provides training and support in marketing, lead generation, mortgages, etc.
    • 9 years facilitating at the Ontario Real Estate Association at York University
    • Focus on your core competencies
    • Found success in sharing administrative teams between brokerages
    • Nominated for CMP’s Diversifier of the Year
    • Create handwritten notes for clients and underwriters
    • No one is a smart as everyone
    • Get a coach
    • What matters is how we make others feel about themselves and their decisions
    Lorne is hiring mortgage professionals in the GTA!

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