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Alfonso Casciato

Alfonso has 25 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. He’s the Senior Vice President of Sales at Street Capital.

    Street Capital’s Senior VP of Sales

    Alfonso started at CIBC Visa, moved into real estate collections, President’s Choice Financial, and then to FirstLine Mortgages. Alfonso was a founding member of Street Capital in 2007.

    Alfonso’s Quotes

    • Hard work results in success in life. Your results are a reflection of your level of effort

    Good Stuff

    • Past failure learning – Street Capital will sharpen their pencils on a potential relaunch of Street Capital’s B program.
    • Street Capital is proud of their portfolio; their arrears are half that of the industry average. It’s an attractive metric for (prospective) investors.
    • Alfonso stresses working with brokers, and listening to their feedback.
    • Street Capital sees a niche market in Canada in the self-employed and new-to-Canada categories of clients.
    • Alfonso stresses the quality of the portfolio, and that Street Capital’s arrears are half that of the industry average, which is an attractive metric for (prospective) investors.
    • Street Capital is pursing their bank license in Canada.