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Caleb Elston

Caleb is a co-founder of Delighted, a startup company that helps you get quick quality feedback from your customers. Delighted simplifies the feedback gathering and processing steps. This quick feedback gives you signals on the health of your business, directly from your clients. Caleb explains how you can get a pulse of your business directly from your customers, and how to take action on that feedback.

Delighted Gets You Quality Just-In-Time Feedback From Your Clients

Caleb’s Quotes

Caleb Elston

Good Stuff

  • On flexible pricing: let your customers pull you to the right pricing model
  • Block out the external noise
  • Your clients rate your services/products with an easy rating scale
  • 50% of customer responses are on mobile
  • One simple question: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend/colleague?
  • Respondents are bucketed into 3 groups – detractors, passives, and promoters
  • Take specific actions for each group

Bonus Offer for ILMB listeners

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