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This week I had on Joel Olson and Angela Calla. 2 of the best brokers in the business talk about MPP insurance and how they communicate it with their clients.


Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [5:15] What are you using to record your videos?
      • BombBomb
      • We are working on automating the video sending process by linking it with Trello and Zapier.
    • [6:45] As a mortgage broker you don’t get paid to make spreadsheets. Make use of services like upwork and fivver.
    • [7:10] What has been your client’s reaction to using video?
      • We always get mixed results. Some people like video some people like other methods of communication but, we would rather over communicate than under communicate.
    • [10:30] You have to make your conversations intentional. I use a checklist for every conversation.
    • [12:00] We ask every client for a referral.
    • [13:50] How do you handle MPP Insurance?
      • I’ve set a goal with my team that 50% of clients will take MPP.
      • We bring it up 3 times.
    • [17:25] Before you made these changes to your MPP strategy, how has it helped your numbers?
      • We had always done around 25-30% and we have increased it by 5% this year.
      • We found if you show the number on the form they are more likely to get it.
    • [20:15] What is your MPP process like?
      • I’m blunt with my clients. I feel that if you can’t afford MPP insurance you probably can’t afford a mortgage.
      • I will also talk with them past experiences they might have had with a sick loved one and how getting MPP will help them in these situations.
    • [21:45] When do you bring up MPP?
      • When you’re dealing with a first-time homeowner it’s part of the initial conversation about budgeting.
      • With existing homeowners, it’s part of the refinancing.
    • [26:50] I’m not a waitress, I’m a mortgage professional. When you come to me for advice I’m going to give it to you.
    • [28:25] How many clients leave your process with MPP?
      • 30-35%
    • [33:35] <Angela> I’m writing a new book called The Mortgage Intelligence Advantage that will be coming out in September.
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