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Bernadette Laxamana is back on the show. We talk about her lead process, how she starts the day, and how she manages her time. Bernadette and her team did over 130 Million in volume last year and she was named mortgage broker of the year.


Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [3:50] What happens when a lead comes into your office?
      • I have a client care manager who talks to them right away to find out what they need and what documents they are going to have to provide.
      • Once the underwriter has reviewed the file, they send it back to the client care manager then it goes to me.
    • [5:40] Do you meet your clients face to face?
      • Everything is over the phone.
    • [8:45] What is your morning routine like?
      • I start my day at [4:30], 7 days a week.
      • First thing is exercise. 30 mins of p90x3 then 30 min of stretching, then 30 mins of meditation. (Body, Soul)
      • I prepare my family’s lunch and have breakfast with the family. (Heart, Soul)
      • at [8:15] I’m in the office.
    • [12:30] What is your workday like?
      • At the start of the day, I set my intention for the day. An intention of the day is what you want to make happen.
      • Then start with anything that is a money maker and anything urgent for the day.
      • Phone calls, 10-15 a day. Monday are calls to Realtors, Tuesday-Friday is to clients.
    • [16:19] Do you call the same people every week?
      • Realtors are the same but clients are always different.
    • [18:50] What’s your goal for this year?
      • 25% every year.
    • [20:15] Do you ever get to inbox zero?
      • Yes, every day. Same goes for my team.
    • [20:50] After your phone calls and emails, what does the rest of your day look like?
      • Appointments. I tell my team I want 25 appointments a week.
    • [22:04] What’s your client for life strategy?
      • All clients get birthday cards and we do an annual client care event. But this year I want to do more events but smaller events.
      • In April I want to do a shredding party.
      • We send out an email each month.
    • [25:10] How do you use Facebook with your clients?
      • I post videos.
      • I friend all my clients.
    • [25:45] Do you work evenings or weekends?
      • I only work 1 night a week.
      • When I’m home, I’m home.
      • My clients don’t know my cell phone.
    • [33:20] How did you build your team?
      • Hiring is not easy. I have been through 10 assistants over the year.
      • Every team member I have now has been a referral.
    • [34:50] What should you look for in hiring a good underwriter?
      • Make sure they have the same values that are important to you.
    • [38:00] How do you wake up so early?
      • I have an edge. In the Philippines you have to wake up really early to get to school.
      • You have to train yourself to wake up early. Every day wake up a little earlier and you will adapt.
    • [40:50] How do you set goals?
      • I write down both short term goals and long-term goals.

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