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Are you clear about what your main objective at work or life is at the moment? Having goals helps keeps you focused on what’s important. Monica Parkin and Steve Dyment are on the show this week to talk about goal setting. What methods they use and the impact it makes.

Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [2:15] Monica tell us about yourself?
      • From 2000 – 2008 I worked with the federal government. After that, I got into the veterinary world then moved into the mortgage industry.
    • [3:30] How do you use goals?
      • One of the methods I use is to put a whiteboard in my room and put all my goals on it. That way I am reminded at the start of my day and the end of the day. When a goal is done I circle in and take a picture to put in my album so I can look back when I need encouragement.
    • [05:15]Have you made any goals that you thought were unrealistic?
      • Setting goals that aren’t your passion are hard to do.
    • [06:46] Can you share a time when you achieved a goal faster than you thought you would?
      • When I started as a mortgage broker I had a fear of dealing with the parents of buyers.
      • I wrote it out on my goal board with positive imagery every day. Within a month a had referrals coming from parents.
      • I love talking to parents now.
    • [8:25] Bernadette Laxamana thought me that if you change the story you tell yourself it can change the outcome.
    • [9:34] Do you share your goals with others?
      • Some I do, some I don’t.
      • Goals for everyone I share, goals I think people would put down I keep to myself.
    • [12:18] Do you have a goal you can share with us?
      •  When you first asked me to be on the show I had a little panic attack and you said to make it a goal to put it on my board. When a toastmasters came up I remembered I had a goal to get better at public speaking. Now here I am.
    • [14:00] >What advice would you give to someone who wants to get better at achieving goals?
      • Start small.
    • [] Hey Steve. How do you set goals?
      • When I started out I got some of the best books available and listened to them on repeat for 6mth.
      • Write out your goals then turn them into sentences starting with the personal tense. Doing this everyday without looking at the last list.
      • With every goal, I add an action list.
      • Microfiction is the missing part of making goals work.
      • In the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, he makes the case that the first hour of your day should be scared space. The first hour of the is like a rutter, it sets the direction of the day.
    • [26:40] What was a goal that you achieved faster than you expected?
      • 2014 was a breakout year for me and what made the difference was changing from outcome goals to habit goal.
    • [28:00] What was a goal that was harder than you thought?
      • Relationship goals are hard. Loving your family more in a year is too hard and nebulous goal.
    • [30:14] Can you share some of your current goals?
      • Doubling the amount of time I spend with my family.