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Jason Henberry and Jewels Ferris are on the show this week to talk about hiring. They share some of the mistakes they have made and what is working for them.

Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [2:20] What have you learned about building a team from the last year?
      • <Jewels> Be very clear on what you want from your team to be doing.
      • <Jason>  Hiring for were your going. Making sure your own the same page with your team.
      • <Scott> Outsourcing helps. You can have bigger dreams than they have.
    • [6:10] What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about hiring?
      • <Jewels> Be clear on your goals and make a list of what you need to do.
      • <Jason> Understand where you are going to take your business.
      • <Scott> Have your customer journey worked done. Have something for your new hire to do.
    • [9:30] What were the biggest mistakes you have made?
      • <Jason> I undervalued contribution as a leader. I was paying people more than I was making.
      • <Jewel> Not being clear on what I needed them to do.
      • <Jason> People are their best during the interview.
    • [13:07] How do you avoid bad hires?
      • <Jason> You avoid bad hires by having a good hiring process.
      • <Scott> I like using disk profile tests to see if they have different skills than me.
    • [18:10] What is your favourite interview question?
      • <Jason> “Tell me some personality traits about your co-workers that bothered you?”
    • [19:40] What avenue have you found most effective when hiring staff?
      • <Scott>  Indeed and trusted BDM references.
      • <Jason> Ask our database of brokers, ads on mortgage broker news, and Facebook ads.
    • [21:00] Me and Jewels have partnered up with “The Cube” powered by Docassist to help us without hiring issues.