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We had “The” Rob Campbel himself on the show this week. Scott and Rob talk about business plans.OK




Location: Guelph, Ont


Download Scott and Robs business plans and the Dreamline at 

Rob’s Website

Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [4:50] <Rob>I always fumbled around with business plans until I got my hands on the McCorry financial business plan. Basically, it’s where were you, where are you at, and where do you want to go?
    • [5:30] <Rob> I always keep my old business plans.
    • [6:23] <Scott> I believe that the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower – “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
    • [9:05] Go to to download Scott and Robs Business Plans. 
    • [10:00] <Scott / Rob> You should focus on units, not volume.
    • [14:00] <Rob> Outsource your weaknesses.
      • <Scott> Figure out what your time is worth. After that, stop doing anything less than that number?
    • [14:50] <Scott> What’s your process like?
      • <Rob> I do everything, but my wife handles all the compliance stuff at the end.
    • [19:45] <Rob>Know when your busy time and slow times are.
    • [20:25] <Rob> What is your marketing plan going to look like?
    • [22:10] <Rob> The 2nd thing I want to talk about is the DreamLine.
      • Having: These are tangible items.
      • Being: What do you want to be?
      • Doing: What you have to do to achieve your dreams.
    • [30:00] Scott shares his one page business plan. Visit:
    • [34:00] <Scott>  We ran a program a little while ago and the biggest problem people had was they were too busy. Being proactive made a huge difference.
    • [37:35]  From Julie Stewart-Boyle : I’m interested in hearing what you think about using your personal FB page as opposed to a business FB page to build business? I heard a salesman from Japan say that the personal page if monitored properly with
      • <Rob> I prefer keeping them separate.
      • <Scott> I think it should be a 90/10 split. Your personal page should rarely be used for business.
    • [43:15]  From Julie Stewart-Boyle : Would you be willing to share your own business plan – perhaps for 2017 (redacted of course)?
      • <Scott> I think you will get more value going through the process yourself.
    • [43:45] From James Shinners: What is your strategy when approaching new real estate agents for referral business?
      • <Rob> Be yourself.
      • <Scott> I try to become a resource for to them. When you teach someone something they are more likely to trust you in other areas.
    • [46:10] From Varshan : What’s your most used app and do you use any external CRM products such as Pipedrive?
      • <Rob> I used external CRMS but it was mostly Pipedrive. The best app would be Calandly.
      • <Scott> Gousto and Calandly.
    • [50:00] From Julie Stewart-Boyle : Trying to be delicate here: With the B side growing – and if you’re more of an A-side broker (personality-wise) and are considering getting into the B area… Stay with what you are best at – in terms of relating to clients? Thoughts?
      • <Rob> Your clients need options.
      • <Scott>  When it’s a B space file, we will refer it out to a company like the Funding Department.
    • [51:25] From ME : Thoughts on bank specialists taking away business from mortgage brokers? They can seem to do miracles.
      • <Rob> We still have a leg up in the marketing area. Their hands are tied by the bank. We can adjust to the market.
      • <Scott> You have to know if this is a client you want to work with. You don’t want to do all the work to have the walk away at the 11th hour.


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