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Brandon Woodward is our guest this week.

Brandon talks about how he got into the industry and what approach he used to build clients after leaving the bank. He also shares with us what his volume has been over the last couple of years, what his process looks like, and what advice he can give Jewels to help her reach 100 million dollars in volume.



Location: Oakville Ontario.

Years in the industry: 4

 Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="5:20"]″] When you decided to leave the bank how did you build your clients back up?
      • I stayed in contact with all my old contacts.
      • I made sure to stick to my plan.
      • I printed off a big list of Realtors and started highlighting anyone I had any connection to.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="7:40"]″] How much business did you do in your first year?
      • I did 71 units that translated to 18 million.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="8:00"]″] How many calls were you making a week?
      • 10 calls a day to referral sources.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="10:12"]″] When did you make your first hire, and what impact did that have on your business?
      • Halfway through my 2nd year.
      • I was able to get rid of a lot of the busy work that I felt was keeping me back.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="12:38"]″] What does your 2017 volume look like, and what is your goal for next year?
      • 147 deals at 44 million.
      • Next year I want to hit 100 million.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="13:35"]″] Do you think you will be able to hit 100 million with the current size of your team (3)?
      • No, we think we are going to be hiring a 4th person.

    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="14:30"]″] When do you call your referral partners?
      • I make my referral calls on Mondays.  I do about 5-10 outreach calls.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="15:30"]″] Where do all your leads come from?
      • 40% come from Realtors and 30% come from financial planners.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="17:20"]″] What does your file process look like?
      • I have someone who I trust to start the process.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="19:35"]″] How do you keep organized?
      • We have a daily meeting (30 min) and we go through our lead tracker.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="25:05"]″] Successful agents tend to surround themselves with other successful agents.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="26:00"]″] I never sold myself as the broker that gave kickbacks for business. My value has always been to help them and get their deals closed.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="34:05"]″] Rapid fire questions.
      • What is holding most brokers back?
        • Waiting too long to hire more staff.
      • What is one thing or habit that has made you successful?
        • If you take care of people the results will come.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="31:55"]″] What advice do you have for Jewels to help her hit $100 Million in volume?
      • Have team members you can trust to do the work for you.


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