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Petrus Engelbrecht is my guest this week. Petrus is the first ever Realtor we have had on the show. We first heard about Petrus during a mortgage conference where Scott Stratten spent a good part of his keynote talking about this guy named Petrus and how he wowed him.

He shares how, as a brand new agent he wowed Scott Stratten and how he scaled his moments of wow.




  • Location: Oakville, ON

 Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="5:35"]″] How did you become Scott Stratten‘s Realtor?
      • After I learned about a bad experience he had with a Realtor I started listening to his podcast and learned he loved this doughnut shop. So I arranged to have some fresh doughnuts shipped to his door.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="11:08"]″] Establish yourself as an industry expert, stay in front of your clients, when the time is right they will contact you.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="12:10"]″] To create a WOW experience in my market I geotagged where people lived and send them specific statistics about their area.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="13:20"]″] In the first 2 years, 80% of my business came from this method.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="16:50"]″] In my 1st year, I had a volume of 12 Million. 2nd year, 25 million. This year (3rd), I’m at 60 Million.
    • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="17:30"]″] How have you scaled your moments of WOW?
      • I send out newsletters 4 times a year.
      • Anniversary cards
      • To create the real WOW, you have to put on events.

      • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="18:10"]″] I’ve partnered with 4 parties to put on really high-end events.
        • My partners include Mercedes-Benz Burlington, a financial planner with TD Wealth, Modern Concierge, and Erin Dunham (owner of several restaurants).
        • Check out the video below to see an example of the Super Car Saturday event.
      • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="20:55"]″] What is your typical cost for an event?
        • Roughly 10s of thousands per event, at about $300-400 per attendee.
      • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="21:50"]″] If you do events, you have to keep consistent. You can’t do just one and expect it to work.
      • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="23:30"]″] What frequency do you recommend when doing events?
        • It might sound daunting but try it every 2 months. Plan your events around the seasons. In Canada, it’s best to space them between March and July and September to November.
      • [spp-timestamp time=”[spp-timestamp time="29:55"]″] A WOW moment is just one of the steps in building a brand.




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