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Ryan Grant is our guest this week. Ryan is the Branch Manager at Fairway – Independent Mortgage Corporation. He is ranked in the TOP 50 LO’s in the United States and last year he generated $157 Million in Volume.

 Ryan tells us how he started out hustling and going to all sorts of Realtor events using a shotgun approach but learned over time to have more focus and to target the right people.



  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Brokerage: Fairway – Independent Mortgage Corporation

 Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [4:40] How did the change from a refinanced focused business to a referral based business go?
      • I found it to be the difference between having a job in the industry and having a career in the industry. In 2 years I went from 11 million a year to 60 million.
    • [6:40] In that 2nd year, what were you doing differently?
      • I wanted everyone to know who I was. I went to every real estate event, every broker preview, and 7 open houses a day,
      • I sponsored a broker preview event where we gave a ticket if you went to all the houses in the preview and you got a chance to win prizes.
      • I would help Realtors at their open houses, really doing all the grunt work.
    • [9:40] When I was starting out I tried to be everything to everybody, but over time I’ve tried to do the right thing for the right people.
    • [10:15] How has your team grown?
      • I started with a LOA (Loan Officer Assistant), the 2nd hire was another LOA, and the 3rd hire was a marketing coordinator. Now we have a team of 11 people.
    • [10:53] The hardest part of being a successful loan officer is learning how to scale properly.
    • [12:15] The key to hiring properly, is to staff ahead of the production.
    • [13:00] Do you have any kind of screening process when hiring?
      • We look for high caliber people, high GPAs, good energy and possible attitudes.
      • [15:45] We are moving into a new system where I use more advisers for my clients as I run out of capacity.
      • [16:15] What are the 3 best uses of your time?
        • Having consultations with clients.
        • Meeting with my Realtor partners.
        • Promoting the brand.
      • [17:40] Do you have a system or process for contacting Realtors?
        • We have a business meeting with them every quarter.
        • On a transaction level, I talk to them daily.
      • [18:25] How do you build the brand?
        • Our growth for the longest time was organic and not measured. So, I hired a Business Development Manager to go out and spread the word by going out and doing the broker previews and hosting seminars.
      • [20:45] How important is the client experience to you?
        • It’s 90% of what we focus on every day.
        • I worked with Todd Duncan to make a product called “5 Stars”. It’s the A-Z of everything that we do.
        • We incorporate interesting gifts throughout the process.
        • I have a post-closing person who just deals with that part of the process.
      • [23:25] Statistics show that only 12% of people would be able to use a rocket mortgage. Of the 12%, 11.9% of people have a bad experience with it.
      • [25:27] Do you have a morning routine?
        • Mondays and Fridays I wake up at 5 am and do yoga, meditation, and prep. I’m usually home by 6:30 am to spend time with my daughters.
        • Tuesday and Thursdays I wake up at 4 am and I do boxing.
        • Fridays I either go for a run or do a light cross fit class.
      • [27:05] What is one habit that has made you successful?
        • Consistency.
      • [29:30] If you could go back in time, what 3 things would you tell your younger self?
        • Make sure that my Realtor partners know I’m here to help them grow their business.
        • Get a coach.
        • Tell myself not to get wrapped up in the numbers.
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