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Hunter Marckwardt is our guest this week. Hunter is one of the top 100 Loan Officers in the Scotsman Guide and is the Executive Loan Advisor of RPM Mortgage in Northern California.

Scott and Hunter talk about how coaching changed his career for the better.


  • Location:  Danville, CA
  • Brokerage: RPM Mortgage

 Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [6:27] You experience the most growth from a bad situation.
    • [8:20] The mortgage market had gotten so bad that I was thinking about going back to selling software. But then an opportunity to get some coaching came up. My wife and I decided to give it 6 months, and if it didn’t work I was going to leave the industry.
    • [9:00] What did you learn in that 6 months?
      • I learned that I needed focus, I needed to hire people to do the things I hated to do, and I needed accountability and structure.
      • In the 6 months, I tripled my income.
    • [10:10] Were you always coachable?
      • I’m more coachable now than ever before.
    • [11:25] When I started coaching, 15% was purchase, and 85% was refinance. Now it’s closer to 85% purchase driven business and we are closing 20 to 25 loans per month.
    • [13:15] You CAN set expectations with clients and referral partners. You don’t have to take calls on weekends or late in the evening.
    • [13:50] Can you tell us about one of your failures and what you learned from it?
      • I was set up to fail early in my sales career. What I learned was that you need to put your team members in the right spot.
      • [16:35] Tell me about your team?
        • Structure: I have an administrative assistant who is purely responsible for my coaching stuff. She also deals with the sending of gifts and setting up my appointments.
        • Accountability: I have 4 technical people that work on underwriting and processing.
        • Leadership: I have a team captain that is a combination of sales and operations. She will take over meeting clients or dealing with files when I’m not available.
      • [18:30] What is a Loan Partner 1 and Loan Partner 2?
        • A LP 1 is on the front end.
        • A LP 2 is on the technical side.
      • [19:25] How important is your client’s experience to you?
        • I need my customers to believe that they have a better chance at home ownership than with any other lender.
        • We try not to let customers hit voicemail.
        • We send a series of gifts throughout the process.
      • [25:40] How are you generating leads?
        • We call the listing agent every Tuesday with an update on the file.
        • While I’m communicating with them, I’m also watching to see if this is someone I want to work for in the future.
      • [29:25] A daily team meeting is essential to keeping organized. Each team member leaves the meeting with 3 major tasks they have to do, and then we review them the next day.
      • [30:50] What is the one habit that you think has made you successful?
        • Coaching. No matter the coaching program, when you are held accountable you will improve.
      • [32:30] If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
        •  Find a coaching program, understand what I’m good at than delegate the rest, and do a very good morning routine.
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