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JD Smythe is our guest this week. He talks about what his new strategy for building his business, how he is using social media effectively, and what his advice is for the 100 Million Dollar Journey.




  • Location: Mississauga, Ontario


  • ‘Nothing of value comes in this life without a cost.’

Time Stamped Show Notes

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    • [04:00] How did you get started in your first 3 years?
      • I went with what I knew.
      • I focused on approaching the self-employed.
    • [06:40] What happened next?
      • I started focusing on people who could send me business.
      • Accountants, Lawyers, Trustees, and Collection Agents.
    • [08:20] How did you approach these people?
    • [11:30] Anytime I did a deal that was on a purchase, I would always talk to the real estate agent on the other side of the deal.
    • [13:53] When talking with Realtors, I always explain ways to generate revenue for them.
      • [15:18] What does your business look like today?
        • The biggest change is that we now have a large database that is keeping us busy.
        • Even with the large database, 20% leave in some way.
      • [16:40] What are you doing to replenish the 20% that you are losing?
        • We use a standard drip campaign.
        • Social media has been a good location to build new leads.
        • I learned that you can’t just put business stuff on your Facebook. You need to have a personal touch.
      • [18:50] You will not see me being negative on social media.
      • [21:15] How to bounce back from rejection?
        • I had to realize it was not personal.
        • I made my sales process a game.
      • [25:40] What advice would you give us for the 100 Million Dollar Journey?
        • Become an expert on what you want to give advice on.
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