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Paisley Boone is our guest this week. Paisley has been operating in the mortgage industry since 2007. She served as a senior underwriter (mortgage approver) at one of Canada’s major lending institutions. Over the years, Paisley has gained extensive experience as both an underwriter and mortgage broker.

Scott and Paisley talk about her business partnership with Eitan Pinsky, the different roles she has had in the industry, and how specializing roles makes her team stronger.



  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Years in the industry: 10 years


‘There is no time like the present.’

‘Never stop learning.’

Good Stuff

    • [2:00] I started as an underwriter.
    • [3:25] Me and Eitan can do everything, but we find we are more successful when we focus.
    • [4:10] How did your current work relationship happen with Eitan?
    • [5:53] I don’t feel I’m truly on vacation until I’m out of cell range.
    • [6:15] Can you tell us a time when you experienced failure but looking back there was a lesson in it for you?
    • [8:50] What are some of the ways you are wowing your clients?
      • [10:35] We encourage our clients to come into the office to meet if they can.
      • [12:17] Do you have a morning routine?
      • [13:14] Right now most of our leads come from Realtors.
      • [14:55] What is the best learning or training you have done in the last 6 months?
      • [15:30] What is one thing you can tell us that we can’t find on Google about you?
        • I love SCUBA diving.
      • [16:10] Rapid fire questions.
        • What is the number one thing keeping mortgage brokers from being successful? Fear of failing.
        • What is one thing that has made you successful? Asking lots of questions.
        • What is one software or app that you can’t live without? My podcast app.
        • What is your favorite podcast? I Love Mortgage Brokering!!
      • [18:40] More people are interested in what you know than you think.
      • References

      • Dropbox
      • Zoho 
      • Velocity



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