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Josh Lyttle is our guest in this episode. Josh is the founder of Verifive Realty. After working in the finance industry for years he saw an opportunity within the market for a one-stop-shop for the real estate industry. Real estate, mortgage, and insurance all under one roof.

Scott and Josh talk about how he built the business, what his first steps were, and where he wants to take it into the future.



  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta


‘Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.’ Conrad Hilton

Good Stuff

    • [02:15] Tell us a little about yourself.
    • [05:18] As a financial planner, time and time again I saw deals fall through because of lack of communication.
    • [07:30] How did you go about finding potential employees?
    • [09:50] People who use one part of our business are more likely to remember that we also do other services as well.
    • [12:40] How many brokers do you have working for you right now?
    • [14:00] How did you get started on the insurance side of your business?



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More About Josh and Verifive Realty


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