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Jason Henneberry is our guest in this episode. Jason is the founder of MortagePal and DocAssist. Check out his latest tool for brokers, LenderSpotlight, it’s free to use and can only help your business.

Scott and Jason talk about how he started in the industry, what led him to create Docassist, and what skills you need to be a successful broker.




‘The mortgage industry is at the same place that the music industry was at the dawn of the mp3 age.’

‘Try a lot of things and see what works.’

‘Now a promise made is a debt unpaid, and the trail has its own stern code.’ – ROBERT W. SERVICE

Good Stuff

    • [02:40] Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
    • [03:05] I started out with one of the big banks.
    • [05:50] After my first year I realized that to make this work, I needed a team.
    • [09:15] Our process is built around getting to know the client in 5-7 mins over the phone, but this has been causing us problems.
    • [10:30] Lender spotlight is a free tool we are bringing to the industry.
    • [12:45] We bought 2.5 million fliers and 6 months of radio ads in August of 2008 for an event I was hosting, and a couple of weeks later the bottom fell out of the market and no one came to the event.

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