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John Burnam is our guest this week. John talks about how he makes 150 calls a week. He is a level 3 student of The Core and shares how his time with The Core has made him a better mortgage broker.



  • Location: Austin Texas
  • Brokerage: SWBC Mortgage


‘Whether you think you can, or you can’t. You’re right.’

Good Stuff

    • [2:40] Can you tell us a little about yourself and your business?
    • [3:05] What was your path to becoming a mortgage broker?
    • [3:40] It took me about a year and a half to get comfortable with the role.
    • [5:45] Don’t be scared to do something on the chance the outcome might not be what you wanted.
    • [7:10] The Core helped me be more consistent with my calls.
    • [7:50] On Monday 60% of my calls pickup. Other days of the week are closer to 25-30%.
    • [8:45] John talks about a time when his golf business failed and shares what he learned from the experience.
    • [11:10] What does your morning routine look like?
    • [12:15] I put in around 50 hours a week into my business.
    • [12:50] Right now 50% of my leads come from real estate agents. 43% is from my database and 6-7% comes from other business people.
    • [13:40] Thanks to The Core I’ve already built connections with 45 agents in only 4 months.
    • [14:40] How is your team structured?
    • [15:35] We meet with about 30% of our clients.
    • [16:30] We use Google Docs to share our lead tracker.
    • [17:10] Drive change with your team. You have to be with them to drive your business.
    • [19:25] The quicker we can communicate with our clients the more trust we can build.
    • [21:05] Start of the rapid fire questions.
    • [22:00] If you could go back to 2001, what would you tell your younger self?
    • [24:20] What’s the most important thing you learned from The Core?



  • Falling Forward – John C. Maxwell
  • Top Of Mind – CRM
  • Floify


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