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Today we are joined by Dustin Carlson, mortgage broker and loan officer based in Houston, Texas. Dustin makes between 1,200 and 1,500 calls a week and he’s here to tell us more about his business and process.

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[2.40] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • Junior year, as an undergrad, I worked at Circuit City making 55-70k a year on commission. They abolished commission and put wages to hourly.

[3.35] Why mortgage brokering?

  • I was accustomed to a certain lifestyle.
  • I interviewed at a small family brokerage. They trained me and put me at a desk with a phone book and a phone and got me to start making calls.

[5.28] Were you entirely commission based?

  • The first 90 days were extremely hard to adjust to. I spent my first $800 on direct mailing to rural Wyoming, which saw a great response so I expanded the campaign to other areas.

[8.10] What kind of deals were they?

  • Wyoming was mostly Alt-A.
  • Albuquerque was mostly FHA streamlined deals.

[8.59] What degrees did you obtain?

  • Business with minors in Chemistry and Biology, and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

[10.20] What strategies currently work for you?

  • A combination of calls and direct mailing.

[15.16] What percentage of deals do you get from leads vs. realtors vs. past clients?

  • Normally it is a pretty even split between the 3. Currently online conversion is double usual.

[17.48] What is the most calls you’ve made without getting a deal?

  • Around 500.

[19.30] How do you psychologically handle that volume of ‘no’ answers when it happens?

  • Knowing it is a law of averages and that, statistically, it evens out.

[20.07] What do you make per dial previously vs. currently?

  • Usually it was around $5 per call.
  • Now it’s closer to $20 – $30.

[22.01] What is your process for making calls?

  • I use a CRM and dialer in one.
  • I use a 6-month sequence of calling leads.
  • Engagement then changes that client to a different sequence.

[24.37] What is your process for agent calls?

  • Weekly calls every Friday and emails on Wednesday.

[26.34] What about for realtors you’ve worked with in the past?

  • Monthly calls and an email every fortnight.

[28.57] What is your sequence for calling past clients?

  • 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 37 days, 67 days and 110 days.

[32.10] How often do those calls lead to referrals?

  • Fairly often, the best return is on the 1st and 3rd day calls.

[34.21] Do you get deals from previous clients that are moving or selling?

  • Yes, staying in contact helps to plant the seed by letting them know I also deal with purchases.

[35.35] What led to the sequence of calling every 110 days?

  • I initially called every 90 days but clients found it too frequent.

[37.10] Can you tell us about your experience interacting with clients at our Game of Phones sessions?

  • I’m very competition oriented, so I enjoy the focus and having results tracked.
  • I love helping people, including seeing others get leads.

[39.19] How did you develop your strategy for multi-tasking while making calls?

  • It was necessity. My workload is usually 50 cases at once that I follow start to finish and there weren’t enough hours in the day.

[41.39] What is your advice for anyone struggling with making calls?

  • Call through people you have an existing relationship with. You will have the highest success rate but the most emotionally painful denials.
  • Just doing it facilitates conversion.

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