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 Our guest this week is Geoff Lee of GML Mortgage. Geoff handles hundreds of leads and has built a very successful business.

Scott and Geoff talk about how he got into the mortgage industry and how he keeps clients by demonstrating amazing organization.





  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Brokerage: DLC
  • Years in the industry: 6 Years


Just Do it

Good Stuff

    • [2:28] How did you get into the mortgage industry?
    • [4:00] If you treat your customers well, it will bring you to the top of any competitive industry.
    • [4:15] What things are you doing that relate to good service?
    • [4:25] We return all of our phone calls, texts, and emails within 90 mins.
    • [5:20] Tell us about your first year in the industry.
    • [7:56] Took me about 3 years to build back my wages to that of my old job.
    • [9:00] I failed at finding balance. I had my priorities backward.
    • [10:10] How do you find balance now?
    • [11:23] How is your team structured?
    • [13:50] Everyone in my team works remotely. We do have a weekly meeting where we all come together to plan out the week.
    • [17:00] We have a policy that anything that is not client related has to be done in 4 days.
    • [17:35] How is your folder system structured?
    • [19:10] What are you using to manage these files?
    • [22:50] In the 6 years of being in business, we have only ever asked for an extension 4 times.
    • [24:00] Last month we did 32 applications and get 1-8 leads a day.
    • [24:45] Where are your leads coming from?
    • [26:40] Can you share something with us that we can’t learn about you on Google?
    • [28:45] Rapid fire questions.



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