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This is our first episode of our Loan Officers series. Our guest this week is Melanie Taliaferro. Melanie is a Loan Officer out of Austin Texas who has been in the industry for 15 years. As a former NCAA Volleyball player, she relates how your attitude on the court or off the court can still help your team and how that applies to her mortgage business. She also shares what questions you should ask when looking for a brokerage.




  • Melanie is currently a Mortgage Loan Originator for AMEC Home Loans
  • Website:
  • Phone: 512-825-1196
  • Email:
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Time In The Industry: 15 Years


We rise by lifting others.’- Robert Ingersoll

Lead with love.’

Good Stuff

  • [4:30] Starting out felt like a baptism of fire.
  • [5:00] How did learning the processing side first help when you moved on the originating?
  • [6:00] Some of the best originators started off as processors.
  • [6:45] On any team you don’t know what your role is going to be.
  • [9:36] Being confident and knowledgeable about the loan process is the #1 most valuable asset a company can give.
  • [9:55] Talk to 10 different loan officers at the company you are looking to work for and look at 10 or 20 different underwriting approvals.
  • [11:20] Don’t get seduced by the sexy office. If you can’t get loans approved you won’t get paid and won’t be able to stay in the sexy office.
  • [12:00] Where do you get the majority of your business?
  • [13:30] How is your team structured?
  • [16:08] How much time do you spend on the average file?
  • [17:15] How do you keep organized?
  • [19:26] If you hire people like you, things will not work. You have to hire people who have skills you don’t have.
  • [19:50] What did you learn from the Core coaching program?
  • [25:00] Being a loan officer is a lot like how a doctor’s office is set up.
  • [26:10] The best use of my time is by showing trust and showing that I am an expert.
  • [26:30] Rapid fire questions.
  • [29:20] What advice would you give your younger self about business?
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