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Adam Lawrenson is our guest this week. Adam is the owner of AdLaw Appraisals, and is an entrepreneur who just happens to be in the appraisal business. Before Adam was an appraiser, he was a salesman for Coca-Cola, and was recognized as the top sales rep in Western Canada in 2006. Adam started appraising in 2007, learning the business from different firms in South Delta. Adlaw Appraisals was founded by Adam himself in 2010.

Scott and Adam talk about how he got into the appraisal business, and some of the lessons he has learned in building a successful appraisal business in such a short amount of time.




  • Location: Delta, BC


  • I don’t like doing high volume low fee work. 

Good Stuff

  • [2:00] How did you end up in the appraisal business?
  • [5:40] Becoming a mortgage broker was a full-time prospect, and appraising was more piece-meal. That’s what kept me from getting into the mortgage business.
  • [8:30] Moving away from blue host to a google based platform for our emails has been helping us keep organized, giving us an edge over our competition.
  • [9:40] How did you build a reputation so fast?
  • [11:20] Our firm has 4 appraisals and 2 office staff.
  • [14:00] If I knew at age 24 that everything would work out, I might not have stressed myself out so much.
    [15:30] What is something you can tell us about yourself that we can’t find out from google?
  • [17:30] As an appraiser, what services do you find the easiest to work with?
  • [19:25] I feel a kinship with other mortgage brokers. So if I had to leave the appraisal business, but wanted to stay in real estate I would become a broker.



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