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Lisa Pellerin is our guest this week. She shares how anniversary calls have made a big impact on her business, and how coaching her clients about payment shock is a great way to invest in her database.

To check out Lisa’s last interview, check out episode 47.



  • Years as a broker: 5 years
  • Location: Burlington Ontario

Lisa’s Quotes

  • I wish from the start I did not try to be everything to everyone. 

Good Stuff

  • [2:20] What’s been working well for you?
  • [2:50] How have you been reaching out to your past clients?
  • [6:15] First time home buyers jumping into bi-weekly payments might be a bit much; it’s best to ease them into that method.
  • [7:50] What are going to become a big problem are older clients that still have mortgages.
  • [8:20] What do you do to get people to call you back?
  • [10:15] What’s something you learned this year that you wish you learned sooner?
  • [11:00] I found my niche with self-employed clients.
  • [12:21] A support team are crucial to building your business.
  • [13:05] How is your team structured?
  • [16:45] What made you start doing community events?
  • [18:50] We did some research and learned that people are not as enthused about an annual winner take all draw.
  • [19:43] What is one tool or app you can’t live without?
  • [21:39] How important is the phone to your business?
  • [23:54] What’s one thing people can’t find out about you on google?




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