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Our guest this week is Gina Best. We talk about how she overcame a dark part of her life and made herself, and her business better than ever. Gina also explains how important networking is to her and how important her assistant is to her business.

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  • Vancouver, BC

Lisa’s Quotes

  • When ambition was passed down it skipped me.
  • If you never take the first step then you will never go anywhere. 
  • It’s all my fault.
  • Database, database, database, invest in your database! 
  • You don’t make money sitting behind a desk when you’re in sales.


Good Stuff

  • [2:10] How did you end up in the mortgage business?
  • [5:18] Where did your business come from?
  • [5:40] 80 percent of my business comes from referrals and 20 percent come from networking.
  • [9:15] I read thousands of books as a way to hide from my problems.
  • [9:55] To me coaching is about getting real and to stop hiding behind your problems.
  • [11:00] What’s a quote that has an impact on your life and or business.
  • [12:50] In this day and age client services are how you excel.
  • [13:12] What is something you have failed at but looking back has helped you?
  • [13:35] One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning, was not spending money on professionals.
  • [14:40] When I started, I didn’t know there was a choice when picking the brokerage I could work for.
  • [16:25] Is your coaching business just for mortgage brokers?
  • [17:50] What’s a system that has worked for you?
  • [18:30] What’s a networking scorecard? And how do they work?
  • [22:53] There is no right or wrong, it’s all about doing it differently.
  • [23:25] Networking gives me the best results.
  • [24:38] Networking is not about getting business.
  • [27:23] You have to have goals.
  • [28:49] I could not do what I’m doing now without the best assistant in the world.
  • [29:50] How did hiring an assistant affect your business?
  • [32:32] If you could go back in time what 3 things would you tell your younger self?



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