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Jivan Sanghera graduated from Brock University with a degree in Business Economics and Labour Studies. While selling appliances at a Maytag store, Jivan met Val Martin. She then helped him with the transition to his current role. Jivan was the youngest business development manager ever hired by MCAP Mortgage Corporation. In April 2005, Jivan made the switch to becoming an independent broker. He is one of the CMP Magazine‘s Top 20 Small Market Mortage Brokers in Canada.

Jivan shares how mentoring has brought him to where he is today, and how he transitioned from working in a real estate office to owning his own office.



Jivan’s Quotes

  • Success is a journey, not a destination.


Good Stuff

  • [3:01] Share about your path to getting into the mortgage business.
  • [5:54] How did you transition from MCAP to brokering?
  • [6:55] How was your first year of brokering?
  • [7:04] In my first year, I made $8,000.
  • [9:56] My connections and relationships led me to different jobs over time, bringing me to where I am today.
  • [10:28] What’s your reasoning for moving away from a real estate office?
  • [12:07] It was time to move on; 7/10 deals were coming from outside the offices.
  • [12:58] Where are a lot of your clients coming from?
  • [13:14] If there’s one thing I could change about my business, it would be database management.
  • [13:56] As your volume levels grow, you need to be able to delegate and trust others with the work.
  • [14:10] The 7/10 deals are coming from other realtors.
  • [15:25] Can you share a quote on success and how you’ve applied it?
  • [15:37] Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • [15:40] The grind is something you experience daily. I’ve surrounded myself with other people who are also achievers.
  • [17:14] I answer my phone whenever it rings, unless I’m already sitting with someone.
  • [17:39] What is a qualification summary?
  • [19:02] Can you share something you’ve failed at and what you’ve learned from it?
  • [20:52] When was the transition which made you realize “I can do this”?
  • [22:29] The most precious currency is time.
  • [23:19] Pick a recipe and follow it.
  • [24:18] It is crucial that we return phone calls.
  • [26:06] How did Albert Collu help you transition to where you are today?
  • [26:12] He opened the door to Royal LePage Niagara.
  • [29:39] What advice would you give to your past self to improve your business?
  • [29:55] Get out of the basement, do more outside marketing, and don’t rely on the past to prepare for the future.
  • [31:52] Where can people find you online?
  • [31:57], and in the near future,
  • [32:28] Through CircleMortgage, a percentage of each transaction will be donated to a local charity of the client’s choice.

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