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Farhan Mahmood is a mortgage broker with Mortgage Intelligence. Farhan was recently featured as a young gun (2016) in CMP magazine. He shares with us a brilliant calling pattern and an instant way to build trust with new referrals.



Farhan’s Quotes

      • I make decisions first, then see if I can afford it.

Good Stuff

      • The relationship with your underwriter is more important than just the numbers in the file.
      • Look at problems as challenges.
      • Mortgage is a follow-up business. If you keep calling your contacts, you will keep getting work.
      • My calling pattern: Monday, I call real estate agents. Wednesday I call the lawyers. Tuesday and Thursdays for meetings and Friday are conference calls.
      • Calling all your contacts in one day is very draining.
      • Conference calls with your referral are a great way build credibility and trust.
      • Work ethic has been key my success.

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