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$100 Million Dollar Journey

Episode 2

Finding good help can be hard and the first hire is always the hardest. Follow along as Jewels and Scott find their first hire.

One of the first challenges we came across was getting Jewels to hire an assistant; but deciding to hire was only the start of the battle. The next part was hiring the right person. We quickly learned that if “you pay peanuts you only get monkeys.” Learn how Matt Unrau refined this interview process to find the right candidate.

Don’t forget to grab the interview question sheet Matt used below.

Created by Scott Peckford

Produced by Solid Rock Video –

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Episode 3

Scott and Jewels figure out what their customer journey will look like and they make sure every member of their team is working in their sweet spot. But, we find out that Jewels is back to her old habits of working 12 hour days.

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