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100 Million Dollar Journey

Did you know the average mortgage broker only does 4 million dollars of sales in a year? That’s crazy low! We want to raise the bar for all mortgage brokers by taking what we have learned in 3 years of running I Love Mortgage Brokering and apply it to a small business to see what will happen.

Episode 9

Sometimes we get wrapped up in the business of brokering that we need to stop and remember that we are in the people business too.

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The $25 Million Dollar Blueprint is the result of 3 years of research on ILMB.
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I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast

Interviews with the top performing brokers in the country. Where they share their tips, tricks and insider secrets to help you build a better mortgage business.

$100 Million Dollar Jourey

Join Jewels Ferris through the ups and downs as she breaks the mold and attempts to turn 8 million a year into 100.


If you have a question about how to build your mortgage business this is the show for you.

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The Funding Department deal desk acts as your full sourcing, underwriting, compliance and funding department for all your challenging “B” & “Private” deal.

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Keep top of mind with your past client & generate referrals without having to do it yourself.

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